sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011

Going to California.

“I could hear only the silence again. Maybe music sometimes; the cold of the snow and the drops of the rain. I could see the mountains and the rocks in our path.  I could remember special times I had before. The best thing, in the dark of the night, I realized it wasn’t too dark because the moon was there. Yep, the moon.  Always with me, lighting my way and sending reciprocal messages from and to Brazil.  I thought about you on my way, what we had done and what we still are going to gather together.”

I always think a lot. Almost my entire day I’m thinking about people in Brazil, now I think of some friends in the U.S. and about my future. I still have no idea what to expect, I only know I’m going to do my best and I am going to be successful. Indeed, when I’m traveling I think vehemently about something or nothing at the same time.  We took more than the time expected, but we are all here good and alive, here, in California.

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  1. e daí, sei lá,não entendo nada hahahaha
    te amo
    prefiro portugues