quarta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2010

Colorado - USA 1st AE(AllinEnglish).

OK, I will try my first post in English. This is not only because I’ve heard people were putting all the things I was writing in Google translation to know what I’m writing about, but also, because I would like my American friends to know what I’m writing today. Things have been changing a lot in my life and I’m always learning a new thing with everybody around me.

In my first 3 months in the United States, I’ve met a lot of people. People who I thought wouldn’t be so important in my life. Somehow, I was wrong and happy about that. They became important maybe because I was very homesick and they were being very nice with me. At school and at church, I will really miss everybody and all the moments we had.  At the beginning it was hard, however, I had people to hug and kiss me when I was feeling bad. The North American and Brazilian cultures have a lot of differences, hard to familiarize or not, I survived. HAHA. 

I discovered and learned new things. Starting with I can survive without my entire family, I cried and then saw who my real friends are. A baby sitter usually becomes your best friend and having an American dad taking care of you helps a lot. Sometimes you will pretend you understood things and you really have no idea what it meant. Skiing is awesome, people will surprise you and traveling will make you learn a lot of culture and the reason people act. 

Thank you to everybody who made the difference in my days in Colorado!

Level 5 - Spring 


“We meet new people, we enjoy the time together and have a lot of fun. Things aren’t always the same; people move and change sometimes. Let’s hope all the good times we had were not only a season or a moment in time but meaningful enough for an entire life.”

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  1. Ohhh... parabéns por estar se superando e saiba que estamos muito, muito mesmo, felizes por você, por suas conquistas e saiba que isso é só o começo: Seu futuro é brilhante! O brilho dos teus olhos é contagiante, sua vontade de viver e aprender, o carinho com todos ao seu redor, o dom de alegrar as pessoas e muito mais, tudo isso faz de vc uma pessoa única e muito especial. Não sei como o Ed e a Kika conseguiram, depois preciso pedir a fórmula secreta para eles! Sinta-se abraçada bem forte por todos nós.
    Um lindo Natal!!!

  2. Obrigada, muito obrigada meesmo ! *-* Feliz Natal pra vocês tmbm, tudo de melhor que se podeee teer pra vocês! ~ e obrigada pelo carinho ! ;)

  3. parabens minha fiiii, tu me surpreende sempre, teu inglês está otimo, quem vai tomar aulas de ingles sou contigo qdo tu voltar shuahsauhsahshahs

  4. AUSHAUSHUAHSA, nao eh verdade isso mae. Tu sempre vai ser minha mestra ;)